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LAURA’S LOVE GUIDANCE: Does A Man That’s Dumped You Ever Deserve A Second Potential, Like Taylor Is Offering Jake?

A brand new report claims that Jake Gyllenhaal has begged Taylor Swift to just take him straight back. If it’s true — should she?

Jake Gyllenhaal did a poor, bad thing by breaking Taylor Swift‘s tender young heart and then callously flirting together with her arch-nemesis, Camilla Belle. However a brand new tale shows that the gorgeous Love & Other Drugs star has heard of error of their means and wishes the nation cutie straight back in their life. If there’s any truth for this report, should he be taken by her straight back?

To be reasonable, if this story that is particular real (though it seems too fabricated become feasible), Taylor should always be flinging her hands around her ex and screaming ‘Never let it go, Jake!’ based on in contact Weekly, the 29-year-old knew just how much the pictures of him flirting with Camilla had harmed 21-year-old Taylor, and instantly booked a trip to consult with her in Nashville, Tenn. Bring about the Princess Bride-esque romance right here: whenever Jake’s trip from Memphis had been delayed, he drove 200 kilometers in a car that is rental see her! Continue reading

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