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SeniorFriendFinder adult dating online

I’m Opting Out for the Hookup community mporary commitment with no guidelines or real function, no

We don’t want to be someone’s ‘friend with benefits.’ We don’t want to be someone’s ‘maybe,’ someone’s ‘almost,’ someone’s ‘just-for-tonight,’ someone’s ‘thing.’

We don’t want a short-term dedication without any guidelines or genuine function, no substance or affection that is genuine. We don’t want a one stand that means nothing in the morning, lips met with disinterested goodbyes that don’t carry weight night.

I don’t want anyone to lean into me personally just because he desires one thing real, just because he’s too frightened to make the journey to understand what lies also much deeper than my epidermis.

We don’t want the 2 of us to offer ourselves to 1 another and then find yourself where we began, nevertheless searching, nevertheless broken, nevertheless longing become filled, but too afraid to actually allow the other inside.

I don’t want to function as woman he has got only for moment, whom quickly becomes a memory, fleeting, forgotten.

We don’t want to be an individual who’s disposable, disposed of whenever next one occurs. I do want to suggest one thing, to matter, to own an association beyond the real, the replaceable.

After all more than simply a short-term embrace, a touch, a minute where our anatomies mesh but our hearts don’t.

We don’t would like to touch skin, but keep our minds wandering elsewhere, unattached, uninterested. Continue reading

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