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Applicant McNamara has app to interact residents in town dilemmas


by Dan Blackburn

Tara McNamara really wants to ensure it is much easier for Hermosa seashore residents to be involved in municipality dilemmas, and she’s got an agenda to do this if she wins the city that is lone chair today up for holds. The mail-in election, presently ongoing, concludes May 11.

Five prospects seek the career vacated by Hany Fangary, just who resigned belated final 12 months because he had been going to New york seashore.

“I call-it my ‘problem-solving’ app,” McNamara stated this week. “It’s capabilities are actually amazing. Plus the idea is not difficult. Residents identify an issue or problem, discuss it, concur it to the council, which would then place the item on an agenda for public discussion on it, take. Like that residents possess more powerful vocals in choices becoming created for all of all of them.”

The pandemic “has changed everything,” she noted, “from dining out, socializing and dating, nevertheless the something that featuresn’t changed much is government.” She believes her software can help donate to “more transparency by federal government, and make it operate better.”

“It’s a means for us all to get

thoughts collectively, to perform one thing when it comes to neighborhood. We now have some people that are brilliant this town. Continue reading

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